The complete overview and features of Harmony Testnet is detailed in the Testnet section.

Our Testnet now has the complete features for scalability. In the last few weeks, our engineers as well as external contributors worked relentlessly to deliver:

  • Faster consensus using BLS multi-signatures & gossiping broadcast

  • Node staking on beacon chain using smart contracts

  • Secure resharding with Cuckoo Rule

  • Robust peer discovery via libp2p bootnodes & Kademlia routing

Join our development effort with Gitcoin bounties! We’re looking for contributions on improving our test pipeline and increasing test coverage. Our full team is also active on Discord and forum for your questions.

Below are quick steps to interact with the Testnet:

Step 1: Install Wallet

Wallet is the application to store your Harmony Testnet tokens. Harmony provides a standalone command line wallet to manage the tokens. The Testnet free tokens are only for simulation on the Testnet and are unrelated to the Harmony network tokens. Since Harmony is a sharded blockchain, a user can have multilpe accounts across different shards.

You may download the Harmony wallet program using the following process.

    curl -O
    chmod +x
    ./ -d

Please refer to the Testnet section for instructions on how to setup the wallet and use its various features.

Step 2: Get Testnet Tokens

Once you setup the wallet, you can review your balance, which will be 0 tokens in the beginning. In order to send tokens to other accounts, you need to request for Harmony tokens from our faucet. Our Faucet deploys a smart contract that sends you 10 tokens automatically when you request for tokens from the Testnet.

Refer to the Faucet section for the smart contract code.

Step 3: Send Tokens

You can now run a payment transaction on our blockchain using the wallet and the Testnet tokens you received. You can use your wallet to send Harmony tokens to another account. This is how such a transaction would look like in the command line. We support 4 shards, so you may use --shardID 0, or 1, 2, 3.

    ./ transfer --from <address> --to <address> --amount 10 --shardID 0

For detailed instructions on using the wallet to run transactions on the Harmony blockchain refer to the Wallet section.

Step 4: Block Explorer

You can use the blockchain explorer to view the live Harmony blockchain. You can see latest blocks that are confirmed by the network, individual blocks, transactions and accounts.

Click on the Explorer link for details.